Stop the Klipdrift sponsorship of the Springboks now!

There was a huge advertisement in the Sunday Times today announcing that Klipdrift is now the official brandy sponsor for the Springbok Rugby Team.

As a responsible citizen living in the Western Cape region of South Africa I detest this. This area is in the grips of a huge alcohol and drug abuse problem. We are having serious problems with alcohol abuse at school and many babies are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. What example does this give to our youngsters. That our rugby Springbok team support spirit alcohol usage and that it is thus acceptable for impressionable youngsters to use “hard-tack”?

I believe that this sponsorship should be terminated immediately. That is why I have started this page. Please feel free to leave your comments after making your choice in the poll. If you decide to leave your optional email address, it will only be used to communicate with you as regards this issue.

Let us show what reponsible citizens we are and put pressure on SARU to cancel this sponsorship deal IMMEDIATELY. Afterall, do they rate money above the well being of our youth?

Thank you for making a difference!

Ernst Nieuwoudt


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